Are you frustrated with the downhill slide in the culture of your country?

Do you want to make a positive impact quickly and efficiently? The Cultural Impact System will allow you to maximize your impact in your specific passion area in these 4 steps:

  • Confirm your specific passion area by understanding the 7 Mountains of cultural influence.
  • Confirming your Spiritual Gifts and your Personality type (together your Team Giftings) to allow us to form healthy balanced "Impactor" Teams.
  • Learn and practice how to set proper Team Outcomes using "Design Thinking" Best Practices

  • Learn and practice how to make progress every week using "Agile" Best Practices

Learn how to become an Impactor!

Learn more about why Rick created the Cultural Impact System here:

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Download this free gift to learn about the 7 mountains of cultural influence that is critical to confirming your passion area.

(Note: The 7 mountains terminology is ONLY used for grouping you into proper areas of passion.
It is NOT associated with or push the Dominion/7M theology. It's just a fantastic way to understand
how the enemy is attacking our culture, and how we can organize to fight back!)

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Download this PDF to better understand you Personality Type / Social Style that is critical for us to form healthy balanced Impactor teams:

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Download this PDF Blueprint to better understand the entire CIS system and how it all fits together.
Join Rick and become a Foundational Member of the Cultural Impact System (CIS)! Limited bonuses available, so review the pricing and available bonuses now. Cart closes Sunday, July 28 night at midnight CST.

CIS Pricing/Bonuses

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